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About Us

Edgewood Elementary Mission Statement


The mission of Edgewood Elementary School is to engage all learners through relevant, individualized instruction that empowers students to take ownership of their learning and gain the skills needed to think critically, creatively and independently within a safe and positive learning environment.


The vision of Edgewood Elementary School is to be documented as a model Commerce and Entrepreneurship Academy where students are engaged in learning and show proficiency within or beyond their grade level.

Our Beliefs:

The following principles guide the Edgewood Elementary School in its responsibility to provide a quality education for each child:

  1.  The school, home and community work together in a positive, supportive manner to enhance the teaching and learning environment.
  2. Strategically teaching essential academics, social skills and character traits develops responsible citizens for society.
  3. Every student has the ability to learn and should be afforded equitable learning opportunities.
  4. Well-maintained facilities, equipment and current technological resources provide an environment conducive to learning.
  5. Students learn best in a safe, healthy and orderly environment.